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SSD Web Hosting Advantages

SSD’s (Solid State Drives) seem to be really popular right now in web hosting, and for good reason. It’s offered as an option by pretty much any company that sells VPS or dedicated hosting packages. At least it seems that way.

Circuit Board of an SSD

Main Advantages of SSD Drives for Web Hosting?

  1. Faster disk access – This is probably the biggest advantage of SSD when serving up web pages. SSD drives handle information I/O much faster than traditional HDD drives, and as a result the web server will be able to serve up files and query databases much more quickly. Systems that rely on lots of files and lots of database operations will likely see performance boosts by using SSD.
  2. More reliability – The idea here is that SSD drives have less moving parts (no spinning disk platters like in a HDD drive) and as a result will hold up longer over time. Of course SSD’s can still fail, but mechanically there is less room for issues due to design.
  3. Less power consumption – By design, solid state hard drives use less energy than traditional HDD drives. Let’s be honest though – if you’re personally not paying the power bill for the server due to it sitting in a data center, who really cares about power? However, if you want to do your part to build a more green tech-driven world, you should be conscious of these factors.
  4. Faster is Better for SEO – I’m always trying to make sites load faster to keep them in good light in the eyes of the search engines. SSD’s have helped me achieve the loading speeds I want to shoot for – in conjunction with other optimizations of course – SSD can’t do it alone but it helps a lot.

Should you use SSD Hosting?

I think that if you can afford it, yes, you should. When I size up hosting packages from major hosting providers, it seems like SSD options aren’t much more expensive at all, usually 10%-20% more expensive than comparable HDD plans. For example, if the difference between $45 and $60 isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things in your hosting operation, it’s worth it to opt for SSD on a web server. Why not remove as many bottlenecks as possible when serving up websites? Faster I/O on the hard disk can make a solid difference in that regard.

Recommended SSD Hosting Provider?

I personally use Knownhost, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with their servers and their support. Even upgrading from HDD drives to SSD drives on hosting accounts was a painless process, not affecting any of the software or configurations on the web server. The IP addresses didn’t even change during upgrades, it really was seamless from my perspective as a webmaster, which is great in my opinion.

Check out SSD hosting plans at Knownhost

There are plenty of others out there that offer great services and support as well, I just vouch for Knownhost as I use them host host over 40 websites and have had never had any issues during the several years I’ve been hosting there.


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