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Checking out the ManageWP Orion Clone Tool

The clone tool is the latest feature released for Orion, the successor to ManageWP. The concept of cloning a WordPress site can be useful for many reasons, especially if you work with WordPress extensively.

Here’s the reasons I find cloning WordPress sites to be useful:

  • Deploying websites from development to production locations.
  • Restoring backups.
  • Creating “starting point” websites for sites that follow common templates.

The cloning tool for Orion isn’t really a stand alone tool itself, it shows up as an option within the backup options for websites. When looking at the backup dashboard for a particular website you will now see a “Clone” button.

ManageWP Orion Clone Tool Button

If you click this button, you will get a screen that shows options for cloning one of your backups to a new location. All you need to do is enter the required server credentials for FTP and the database and Orion takes care of the rest.

One thing I like about the cloning operation (much like the backup process itself) is that Orion compares files and only clones files that don’t exist yet on the web server. This means that cloning can be quite efficient in terms of time and bandwidth required if you already have a version of the website sitting in the location you are cloning to. This is one of the things that seems to set Orion’s cloning tool apart from some of the other backup/cloning options I’ve seen out there.

For more, read my ManageWP review or check out ManageWP for yourself here.

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