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My Namecheap Review: Why Use Them for Domain Names and SSL?

I’ve used a few different domain registrars, going back to around 1999 or so. I’ve never really had any particular preference or favorite during that entire time. I’ve always just gone with whatever registrar seemed to be the cheapest, whatever had easy to use management tools, and whatever didn’t annoy me with crappy user interfaces.

Currently I’m using Namecheap to hold all my domain names. They are a pretty popular domain name service, and they now also offer all sorts of things like web hosting and SSL certificates. However I mainly use them as a domain registrar.

Why I Use Namecheap

Mostly, the main reason is because they are cheap. There are plenty of cheap domain name providers, and it’s possible to probably just roll the dice and find a good one that will be serviceable. For some reason I stumbled upon Namecheap when I was digging around for places to register domain names and I have just stuck with them ever since.

Before their most recent website redesign, I had appreciated the compact nature of their website layouts. Long lists of domain names and information fit onto a screen easily. Now, with their new layouts, things aren’t as compact, and I’m not so sure I’m a fan of the changes. I seem to have to scroll a lot more and click more to get what I need to get. But even then, it’s still not bad. Not as bad as trying to click around through Godaddy’s ever changing interface, for example.

I Also Use Namecheap for SSL’s

I have found that it is convenient to use Namecheap as an SSL provider as well since I can keep everything in one account. And Namecheap offers many types of SSL certificates for cheap. You can get domain validated, organization validated or extended validation certificates with options from multiple providers. And the pricing is generally better than what you will find elsewhere. AsĀ  a result I’ve started using them for all my cheap SSL buys.


I guess I don’t really have a whole lot to get into here. The main reasons I use Namcheap are:

  1. They are very affordable
  2. Their user interface doesn’t make me angry
  3. They haven’t done anything to anger me in many years of using their services

When it comes to registrars, those are my qualifications, personally.

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