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Upgrading MySQL with WHM/cPanel

MySQL updates are important. You will want to make sure your web server always has the latest stable version of MySQL running so that you can stay on top of any security issues or patches that are issued.

Reading through the MySQL update documentation can be a little bit intimidating depending your skill level as a web server admin, but don’t worry. If you have WHM/cPanel on your web server with root permissions you will be able to upgrade MySQL using their easy update interface.

Chances are you might even be able to email you web hosting support and have them do the MySQL upgrade for you. If you want to tackle it yourself, it actually is pretty easy.

Here are the steps the WHM will take you through during a typical MySQL upgrade.

Backup All MySQL Databases!

You don’t want to get caught without backups in case anything fails or breaks. You can download backups via cPanel, for example.

The MySQL Update Wizard in WHM

Navigate to the MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade section of WHM. Once there, you’ll see your upgrade options. In this example, I’m updating from MySQL 5.5 to the latest stable version of MySQL 5.6.

WHM MySQL Upgrade Step 1

Once you have selected the version you want to upgrade to, click Next.

Upgrade Warnings

You will now see some upgrade warnings. Basically the system is telling you to make sure you backup your databases and helps you to understand that you can’t revert a MySQL upgrade.

WHM MySQL Upgrade Step 2

If you understand the potential consequences, check the boxes and click Next.

Select Upgrade Type

Now you will want to select your upgrade type. You can choose between different levels of upgrading MySQL and rebuilding your server. By default the second option is selected.

WHM MySQL Upgrade Step 3

In most cases it’s probably best to plan on rebuilding your server after the upgrade, but it looks like you don’t necessarily need to if you are upgrading the 5.5 or 5.6 versions of MySQL. In my case, I rebuilt Apache/PHP after the MySQL upgrade.

After you select your upgrade type, click Continue.

The Upgrade Will Run

You will now see the upgrade output screen, and you can now pretend you are outside of the Matrix looking in, watching the code fly by on the output window.

WHM MySQL Upgrade Step 4

Upgrade Complete

After the upgrade is complete you will see the end of the upgrade output.

WHM MySQL Upgrade Step 5As you can see, even though I didn’t opt to rebuild Apache during the upgrade type selection, the system still encourages me to rebuild after the MySQL upgrade is complete.

You Are Done!

Now that you have upgraded MySQL, you can sit back and drink your coffee with the extra feeling of satisfaction that only a website administrator can feel!



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