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The Final Transition from Classic ManageWP to Orion

It looks like it will now just be a matter of a few weeks before the Classic ManageWP is killed for good and all ManageWP users are pushed to the new Orion system exclusively. I, for one, am ready for this. At this point I don’t go back into the Classic ManageWP interface for anything while I’m using the system.

A few interesting things have caught my attention about this change. The biggest ones for me are the pricing models and the levels of support for multi-site networks.

Pricing Changes

As with any major system change, I was worried that all this nice new stuff was going to end up more expensive in the end, and maybe force me to look for different WordPress management options. Luckily, that is not the case.

After checking out what sort of packages I would like configure within the new pricing model (check out their calculator) I realized that if I fine tune the features I actually use for particular groups of sites I can get my price down a few bucks lower than before. If I had been looking to use a lot of the premium features for EVERY site, I would likely have been priced out of using this system for my own needs. But being able to run some of my sites under the free account or with limited premium features saves me a lot of money.

Multi-site Support

Multi-site support was something that I was wondering about too since that is something I need to be able to do with ManageWP. Unfortunately there will be no backup support (full or incremental) at all in ManageWP Orion for multi-sites, which I find to be disappointing considering how much they are trying to make this into an all-in-one WordPress management system. They offer the rest of their features for multi-sites though, so that’s a positive. I guess there’s WordPress plugins to do full backups so that’s not a complete deal breaker.

If you haven’t given ManageWP a look yet, check it out.



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